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Lida DaiDaihua Buy 3 Boxes - GET 2 FREE
lida daidaihua Works for what we need - by , 08/06/2016
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My husband, who is usually always hungry, is taking this supplement to help with his tendency to over-snack after dinner on a regular basis and it is really helping! Our main reason for him trying this product out had nothing to do with weightloss, we just needed something to help suppress his appetite that rears its ugly head after dinner causing weight gain. This supplement does an amazing job of suppressing appetite compared to products I have had him try in the past. The directions say to take 1 pill daily and he at first experimented with different times of day to see when worked best for him and settled on taking 1 with dinner so that he felt more satisfied after dinner and it helped curb his hunger so well that when he’d usually start snacking a couple hours after dinner, he no longer felt the urge to do so and instead, would go to bed still feeling satisfied with just what he ate at dinner! Over all, he has been doing less snacking and has been more satisfied with what he has been eating compared to the past which is a blessing on the food budget! He and I both highly recommend this for anyone who wants or needs to lose weight or maintain their weight but have problems with snacking.

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