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Lida DaiDaihua Buy 5 Boxes - GET 4 FREE
:)healthy lidadaidaihua - by , 08/30/2016
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Well, I got these healthy lidadaihau pills two weeks ago and I weighed 146, I have now dropped 10lbs. putting me at 136. (In less than a month) These pills are very helpful and I love them, I will be buying another bottle. My boyfriend also loves them too. He weighed 300lbs, but wasn't one of them big huge wide guys you normally see, he is tall and big boned built, so he don't look 300, but overall he has dropped 20lbs, he is so excited, and was so excited to see that number on the scale, and after being turned down by the army or whatever by his weight, he was determined to lose weight. But overall I recommend these pills..

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